What do I do?

I write. While writing is very personal for me, I do love researching and reporting. If you’d like content in a conversational style that engages your customers while also informing them about your product or service, or topics related to them, I’m your person.

However, I am not your person if you’re looking for someone to write one-off articles for multiple clients. Who I work with matters to me. I’m all about building relationships with clients and helping clients build relationships with their customers.

I edit. As a rule, I prefer editing other people’s content. And content can come in many forms. Some times I offer feedback on written articles. Sometimes I get an outline or series of thoughts and build around them. There are wide ranging possibilities.

Regardless of the form, editing allows me to maintain the clients voice and vision. No one knows their product or service as well as someone already involved. You know what you’re trying to accomplish, but you’re not a communicator. That’s where I step in.

I take your thoughts and polish them up. I make sure the content flows with smooth and engaging transitions, interesting word choices that fit your audience, and formatting that makes your content skimmable.

Recognize any pain points I can help with? Let’s talk today.