In 1994, I left my incredibly small town for what I thought would be a short 4-year stay in Grand Rapids, MI. My plan was to pitch a little softball and get my teaching degree. Instead, I met my husband who’d just fallen in love with website development, as well as me, and the rest was a whirlwind I could have never imagined.

I exchanged my original employment goals — after all, what DOES one do with an English degree? — to take on the full-time tasks of family development and the education of our two daughters. But now, as my youngest graduated this year, I’m embracing my next stage of life full on.

Fortunately for me and many others, in the years since I graduated from university the internet has exploded. Content is in demand and successful companies are realizing that quality conversations on the internet are a must. Finally there’s an answer, many answers actually, for what one does with an English degree.

That degree with its focus on communication is the foundation for taking my experience as both an educator and developer’s wife, combining them with my language skills, and putting it all to work creating better conversations that move businesses forward.

Let’s get started! Email me today.